Ruth Anne Hammond is a well-respected author, mentor, and educator in the infant/family field. Her work inspires parents, caregivers and other professionals who wish to connect deeply with the infants and young children in their care and provide the experiences that will helpthem grow into authentic, intelligent, engaged and caring individuals.

Photo: Benjamin Thoma

Photo: Benjamin Thoma

Ruth Anne’s work is informed by her deep knowledge of the Educaring® Approach, which she learned from Magda Gerber, founder of Resources for Infant Educarers® (RIE®). Her work also integrates an Anti-Bias Curriculum as well as Affective Neuroscience, which she continues to explore in the study group of Dr. Allan N. Schore, the father of Modern Attachment Theory.

A sought-after trainer, Ruth Anne is a RIE® Associate and is certified by WestEd’s Program for Infant/Toddler Care (PITC) and has facilitated workshops for a variety of individuals and organizations. As a consultant, Ruth Anne has provided guidance to diverse programs ranging from Early Head Start to Bright Horizons. She is a Mentor for ongoing RIE® Foundations: Theory and Observation™ Courses. Her book, Respecting Babies: A New Look at Magda Gerber’s RIE Approach, serves as a text for colleges around the country as well as a go-to manual for new parents.

Ruth Anne’s parent-infant/toddler classes support her enthusiasm for the joys and challenges of infant and toddler growth and development. As an educator, Ruth Anne had the extreme pleasure of overseeing the design and creation of the Pacific Oaks Infant/Toddler-Parent environment at the prestigious Pacific Oaks Children’s School in Pasadena, CA, a program she oversaw for seventeen years.